Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Order for wedding packaging

From Sh Nadiah

Liverpool theme cupcakes

From Reina to her beloved hubby.

Happy 38th Anniversary

From Hany & Co. to her parents

For the reunion & makan2

Order from Yart.

Missing in Action! is almost a month I never open & update this blog.
So many orders to handle especially during wedding season and school holiday.
I will try to update the lastest photos and design of my cupcakes for you to see....and order...he.he..he..

Which photos to upload first?...All mix up...

OK ...Let start with the Barney Birthday cake...

Monday, August 6, 2007

My beloved family

Raya 2006

Let me introduce you to my family members - Hj Khairil Faizi @ Torque (my beloved hubby), Alisya Irdina (Eldest daughter), Naufal Irsyad (Eldest son) and the youngest of all - Aliya Irdina.