Wednesday, May 23, 2007

From Pika a.k.a. Zahri

This order is from Pika for his colleague as a farewell gift.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Alisya Irdina !

This is a long due post for - special birthday cake for my beloved daughter.

Special thought...

From Suhaili to her best friend

From Dilla to her nephew's 1st B-day

Blue's Clue's for Alesha

Mother's Day order

Double Celebration

This order is from Alin to her beloved husband.
It is a double celebration to Zunar as MU big fan - Mu just got their Premiership champion last week and it is his birthday as well.
This is my first project on MU theme and I'm not good in drawing so I take so much effort to draw MU logo - happy to get sms from Alin as her husband said logo suma perfect!
Whushhhhh...... mission accomplished!

To ZUNAR....Love, ALIN

Special packaging for birthday surprise...

Another surpise gift from Alin but this time to her beloved and lovely Umi for the Mother's Day

Monday, May 14, 2007

More on cake decoration classes

In Jan 2007, I have attended my first ever cupcake decoration class. Starting from that moment I decorate cake especially cupcakes. These are all the cakes that I've decorated in the class - Creative cupcakes decoration class using Wilton Method by ICCA, SS14, PJ.

Minat punya pasal, I joined another class by Bagus which is nearer to my house.
It was Cake Decoration Class using Fondant. Baru I tahu pasal apa Fondant Cake ni mahal rupa2nya punya susah nak roll & letak atas cake but I enjoy buat roses from Fondant.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Zharif !

Last weekend we went for Zharif 3rd birthday party. Mama dia awal2 lagi dah tempah cupcakes and nak I buatkan cake Lightning McQueen (Zharif punya favourite). Thanks to Ailin and Rizwal for your trust in me....walaupun I baru lagi in this biz. Hilang rasa penat- lelah bila hasilnya cukup puas hati & asyik melebar je senyum bila tetamu asyik puji je...

Nak tumpang promosi sikit, Mama Zharif ni buat biz factory outlet children's wear - guess, osh kosh, mothercare, peter rabbit, carter's, baby gap & banyak lagilah. Harga memang murah.
Other than that dia pun biz comforter...murah & cantik sangat.
Sapa2 berminat boleh lah contact dia (Ailin's h/p:012-2950267/ email:

Friday, May 4, 2007

Cake decoration classes

Dah lama tak update this blog. Lately I'Ve attended some classes on cake decoration.
Nilah hasil kerja I.....